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Photo by Om and the City

Photo by Om and the City

My journey to this place started long ago.  I suffered from many chronic issues from depression, migraine, allergies, bronchitis, fatigue...  I had felt my body and mind failed me to fully engage my life  - I mean, what's the point of living when life seems like a never ending merry-go-round, and it keeps spinning me around!  I knew my mind was depressed, and my body was sick.  I knew there were connections to those two things - mind and body; but somehow I was stuck in this sphere of incapability - I could feel I was meant for more, yet I could not reach out to touch that reality. 

This led me to study and seek out various healing modalities, and I was fortunate to meet many wonderful teachers and practitioners - I was getting better.  Yet, I still was not getting to the point that I was confident in my health.  I went into severe depression which led me to put everything in my life on hold, then a 10-month long bout with bronchitis.  Despite all of my doctors' visits, dietary restriction, acupuncture and massage treatments, they only brought temporary relief to my symptoms.

I had been looking for that one thing, the magic potion, for me to be healthy and complete - then it dawned on me.  'What if I use my own energy to get myself fixed?"  I had always looked for external sources to bring me relief, but what if I could harness the same relief using the knowledge I had acquired already?  Within two days of an intense energy therapy routine, my 10-month bronchitis was gone, like a magic.  I finally understood that it's not just about the mind and body connection - mind and body are ONE.  That's why energy medicine works like magic.

I am so happy that you are here, because I know how it feels not to be happy in my body, mind, and soul.  And I can tell you now, that it's worth it to try - and I know you can do it.  If I could, you certainly can.

Let's start working.

Love, love & love