Let's get unstuck - flowering to be the best version of YOU!


What kind of session should I get?

What is a ‘Package’?

What should I expect from flower essence therapy?

What do we do in Flower Essence Therapy?

How many sessions do I need?

What do I feel from Reiki/ Energy Healing?




          Q:  What kind of a session should I have?

          A:  Well, this really is up to you; we are all different, and we respond to things very differently.  The fact is that you are looking at this page because you were looking for something (unless you somehow got here magically, well then, it must be some sort of destiny, huh?).  I would ask you to lean in towards that question, that something - and see what it is trying to tell you.  What you feel most resonant with, is often the session you should try out.  If you are way too confused, book a session and we'll figure it out together!

           Q:  What is a 'Package'?         

           A:  I created Package Offerings, so we can create the deep shift you are looking for.  The healing work is like peeling the onion - there are many, many layers to go through before we get to the core; and let's face it, it's not always easy.  Deep excavation work requires a certain level of commitment, and the package ensures you will keep your eyes on your prize even when things gets a bit shaky; it's like we are building a whole new foundation, and you will be shaking yourself into the brand new YOU!

          Q:  What should I expect from Flower Essence Therapy?

          A:  Is this a trick question;)?  Well, it really differs from person to person - what I can tell you for sure is that your life starts to sync in ways you have not noticed before, and you will gain different prospectives to the same old issues.  Often, we encounter events that will bring up the unresolved emotions that inhibit us from living fully - so we can effectively deal with them with the help of flowers.  In vibrational medicine, we do not believe in 'coincidences', and things that happen in our lives always hold some meaning.  The flower essence will only work on what your soul is ready to deal with, and cannot do any harm;)

          Q:  What do we do in a typical session for flower essence?

          A:  We talk about what you want to work on, and how we can get to where you want to go!  This includes identifying where you feel stuck, unraveling the emotions you unconsciously hold onto within your body, and integrating those experiences for you to treasure as your life lessons, instead of emotional trauma.  We often include visualization, meditation and/or breath exercise to make this process further integrated in your body and mind.  

          Q:  How many sessions should I have?

          A:  For Flower Essence therapy, I would ask my adult clients to commit to either 3-month or longer - and you will have access to me via text, email, facetime, or in person.  It works as though we are peeling off layers of our dead skin, to reveal what beautiful information the layer underneath holds for us to examine.  You will stay on one remedy for 2-3 weeks, then we will reformulate the new remedy to what has been uncovered through our sessions.  We can also include reiki/ energy healing sessions, intention settings, meditation, breathing exercise within our sessions to fully engage what is uncovered.  This will allow us to work on not just something situational, but the deeper layer of emotions that hinders us from making the substantial leap forward.  

          Q:  Do I take off my clothing to receive reiki or energy healing session?

          A:  No.  Reiki and Energy Healing is done while you lay down or sit down, fully clothed.  You will receive the same benefit from not having physical contact, and is a great therapy for people who prefer minimal contact with the therapists.

          Q:  What do I feel while and after I receive Reiki or Energy Healing session?

          A:  It depends.  People who are sensitive to touch may feel buzzing or radiating feel of energy, while others who are visually sensitive may see some images or light.  It is not unusual to feel or see absolutely NOTHING, and yet, your body's energy is being aligned - so do not think or expect anything in particular.  The most important thing for you to do is to relax, and just enjoy the profound rest reiki and energy healing can offer.  The range of feelings these sessions offer vary person to person, and it may be different each time you get a session.  The most common effects I have heard is deep relaxation, clarity, revived energy and relief from pain.  It is quite often that people starts to feel the effect of their healing session days and even weeks after the actual session!

          Q:  How long does a session lasts?

          A:  Our initial session is 90 mins; I usually take time answering your questions at the beginning of our session, so we can put your curious mind to rest!  Follow up sessions can be 60-minute, or a 90-minute.

 If you like to get down to the business, I recommend my combination session - which is 60 mins of Reiki/ Energy Healing + 60 mins of Flower Essence Therapy session.  It works on your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies - and clients tend to see tremendous change in short amount of time.

Note:  My sessions do not treat or diagnose dis-ease, and cannot be replaced with medical treatments.   I use subtle energies to unblock energy channels within the bodies, which may leads to alleviation of the symptoms.  We all experience the sessions differently, and it is my advise not to have certain expectations, or to compare your experience with others.