Let's get unstuck - flowering to be the best version of YOU!



The quickest way to find harmony and peace in your Body/Mind/Spirit is to commit to regular coaching & healing sessions for a period of time.  These packages are created so you will stick to the program for the deepest shift and  maximum result.

If you are serious about being your truly awesome self, these packages for for you!


Taught by Rita Navarrete Perez of Mexico City, this is a powerful healing ritual utilizing the power of the nature to harness and awaken the immense power within. The session will take 2.5 - 3 hours, and flower essence session as a follow up (90min) within a week is recommended for further integration of the work.

Rose has been used in many cultures across the globe for its powerful healing capabilities.  In this healing ritual taught by Mayan elder, Rita Navarrete Perez, fresh roses are used to cleanse and balance your energetic bodies, and excavate old emotional wounds that are ready to be worked through. 

Clients are asked to bring 1-2 dozens of roses, journal & pen, and wear comfortable clothing.

Rose Healing Ritual

2.5 - 3 hours: $300 - 450

Plus 90min flower essence follow up: $400 - 550


Using the subtle energy vibration of flowers, we align you back to your innate awesomeness.  The session will include the following:

  • Conversation to identify and de-mystify where you are currently stuck

  • Custom formulated Flower essence remedy for the next 3-4 week period, based on our conversation

  • Flower essence chart to track the progress

  • Some homework exercise if needed

Flower Essence Therapy

Initial Session  (90 - 120min) $200 - 300

Follow-up session  (60min) $150 - 250 


Aligning our mind, heart and spirit is critical for us to feel truly well.  Instead of focusing only on our thoughts or emotions, our session will also include how we can foster our own unique spiritual life for us to feel fully expressed.  If you are in need of finding your special way to connect with the Universe, this session will be for you.

Incorporating flower essence remedy into your Spiritual Counseling is highly recommended.

Integrative Spiritual Coaching

Initial Session (90min) $150 - 300

Follow-up Session (60min) $100 - 250


We are made with the pure love energy of the universe -let's harness your inherent power to its full potential; this world needs you.

We are miraculous beings - just think about that for a moment.  Our cut heals without much conscious effort, and we call that 'normal'.  I choose to call it 'miracle', and this miracle is happening all through our body, all the time.  Disease and illness is not the natural state of our beings; and by aligning our energy bodies to its equilibrium, we find peace within our mind and body.

Reiki/IET/Psychic Surgery/Energy Healing

Initial Session (60 - 90mins) $150 -250

Follow-up session 60 - 75min) $100 - 200


Healing for ALL

All of my single session offerings are by sliding-scale.

The notion that these healing practices are only for those who can afford to pay a premium price undermines the principle of true healing.  I believe everyone is entitled to heal their wounds so they can thrive; I also believe that the wellness and healing practitioners needs to be compensated for their time, knowledge and their ability to harness their clients' innate power within.  In order to make this possible, I ask you to pay as much as you can, so those who might not be able to pay as much can still receive their healing session - this is the idea behind 'paying it forward'.  We are all in this together, and we choose to do our best to take care of one another.  Thank you in advance for doing your best!

If you cannot afford these rates, you are encouraged to apply for community sliding scale HERE.  Please note priority is given to the clients with following : BIPOC, single parents, survivors of abuse, public school teachers, and social workers.

MINKA brooklyn also offers Community Reiki and Community acupuncture starting at $25 for Medicaid/medicare recipient, and $40 - 60 for anyone else.  Please consider taking advantage of their services as well.