Let's get unstuck - flowering to be the best version of YOU!




Aki's passion and love for healing through flower essences and reiki shines brightly in her work. I have been meeting with her once a week for a few months-- not only for myself but also for my 2 year old daughter. Each week we focus on something slightly different, building on the previous week's work. The subtle flower medicine has helped me to shed thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve me and has definitely softened my approach to life, my work, and my relationships. The effects of the flowers are subtle, and felt almost immediately. My daughter has created a ritual with her flowers, asking for them when she feels like she needs a little something to help her throughout the day. Aki's intuition is sharp and has the ability to tune in to what you are needing in the moment. Working with her has been such a blessing and is truly transformative!

 ~ A. Doula, Birth Educator, Brooklyn NY

'As a behavior analyst who works with infants and toddlers with special needs, I spend long days sitting on the floor, crawling around and twisting and lifting in ways that can put a lot of stress on my body and mind. I got to a point where my lower back pain was so intense I wasn't sure I could continue to do my job. Medications barely put a dent in the pain while massage and exercise seemed to exacerbate it. Aki's Reiki treatments provided immediate relief! I was impressed with the time she took to explain her techniques and ways that I could start to heal myself and access relief from the pain. Aki is intuitive, caring and the individualized attention you receive is full of invaluable insight and wisdom. I'm back at work, without pain and can thank Aki and her treatments for that.'

 ~ S.  Behavior Analyst, Brooklyn NY

Our two-day therapy was truly clearing, I now feel positive and eager for my new endeavors. The flower essence has been my shield to canalize the energies that surface with every-day situations and also a healing tool that has allowed me to visualize in order be able to move forward with what I want to achieve. I am already in the works and it feels great to allow myself to do what I know best, seek and create! I feel good, I'm vibrating

 ~ M.  Photographer, Brooklyn NY

Working with Aki’s flower essence has helped me hone in my focus, and harness my personal power to make positive changes in my life. She has a very intuitive sense and her counseling has helped me become a better mother, and manifest my own goals at the same time.

~ Brett, Atlanta, GA